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No one’s heard from us in a while because last week we decided to sell our home in Altadena and ever since we’ve been hustling like crazy to get the house ready (um yeah…like we didn’t already have a million things to do!) We’ve also begun packing in earnest and the RV is in the shop right TimeMarchesOn_USArmmyWWII_tint700wide now getting outfitted with a complete solar power system so we’ll never have to run that noisy, messy generator. Plus, the Schwartz required a few unexpected and pricey repairs. Ugggggh. Meanwhile, time marches relentlessly on…

24 days until we leave Los Angeles

5 days left to grab your gifts thru IndieGoGo

If you’ve been debating over which dazzling perk or gift to choose – or just plain procrastinating – now’s the time to get on it! Follow the arrow! You’ve only got until Monday at midnight to show your support for Good Foot Project’s campaign! Oh, and it’s super easy to select more than one perk! See instructions below.


For those who don’t know (and for those who forgot) there are several terrific gift-perks to order on the IndieGoGo page:

Greeting Cards – I like to send cards that are unique and support local artists at the same time, so this is my favorite perk! Find it at Very Jazzed to Greet You! Set of 10 cards created with images from JC’s original Jazz Series paintings – 5 jazz giants in each set, 2 of each! 5.5×4.25”, blank inside. Free shipping! $30 level


Order the Jazz Giants greeting cards – set of 10 cards created from JC’s original Jazz Series paintings 5.5×4.25”, blank inside. $30

Prints – JC’s moody portrait of blues legend James Cotton was chosen by Longoria Vineyard to grace their 1999 Blues Cuvee wine label. Pick up a high-quality lithograph of the artwork, individually signed by the artist. 18×24”, unframed. Free shipping! Look for:  Feeling Blues?  $40 level.


Blues Cuvee high-quality lithograph, signed by JC. 18×24” unframed. $40

Artwork – A wide selection of original photos and oil paintings by JC are available. Let us know what interests you! From $100 – $2,400


15 x 20″ photographic prints signed by JC. Mounted on white Sintra with a distinctive floating effect. Email Anastasia if you want more than one of any photo! $175

Seeds – Grow Your Own! We still have seed collections available! These are organic seeds that we have saved, collected and loved. If you live in a warm state, now’s the time to get planting! I’m going to start shipping seeds next week!  $20 level

And check out our NEW PERKS!

Thank you! – For those who don’t want anything in return and those who don’t like to be boxed in, a thank you on our website. Any level greater than $1

Mail – You’ve Got (Real) Mail! – When was the last time you received real mail from real people? Not a bill. Not an ad. Not a catalogue that you never even asked for. But a real, handwritten note! We’ll send you a locally-sourced postcard from the road! $5 level

To order more than one gift at a time:

1) Select one of the perks you want.
2) On the next screen, change the contribution amount to the sum total of all the perks you want.
3) In your note to us, list the perks that you want us to send to you! Simple!


We can’t begin to express our gratitude to all of you who have and continue to support us. Whether that be offering your time, talent, good vibes, information, thoughts, connections, or dollars – all of it helps so much.

And stay tuned! The web page bearing your name and our thanks will be posted within the week!

More soon…


Our house in Altadena with a newly orange garage door. More pix soon!

About Anastasia King Jaress

Anastasia is a former media producer who hit the road to sustainability in April 2013 with her husband JC and Mattie, the dog. She writes about food, community, sustainability, travel, family and the myriad questions that boggle them.

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