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On April 28, 2013, we began a year-long expedition, by RV, across the USA visiting low-impact organic farms and eco-villages to learn best practices in sustainable farming, construction, energy, water and waste management. This trip was meant to educate and prepare us for establishing our own…read more


Anastasia Anastasia King Jaress

I’ve worked with some of the nicest people in the entertainment industry (which is saying A LOT) and produced some very cool projects – films, commercials, documentaries, visual shows, apps, brand activations – you name it, I’ve probably done it. But, after 17 years, I needed to…read more


JC JC Jaress

A friend once said to me, “Man, you do a lot of shit!” I took his comment as the compliment it was. Now, my wife and I are embarking on our biggest adventure yet – the Good Foot Project. To me, this expedition feels like the natural next step in our evolution to set our lives in line with our values…read more


Mattie Mattie

Mattie is a beautiful, gentle 9-year old black and white Lab/Pit mix with golden eyes and a monk’s approach to life.  At six-months old, house-broken and trained to Sit, Stay and Come, her owners inexplicably deposited her at the local pound. There, Mattie was to be put down immediately as she had…read more


1381221_10151895614143936_430796680_n Boomer

While we were in a rural, Southern, Unnamed State, a skinny speckled Blue Heeler puppy was rescued by an old family friend who decided (and for good reason) that we were his ticket out of the countryside. He’d been beaten with a shovel and shot with a BB gun. We tried to find him a home…read more


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