My mother loves to tell a story about how I learned to swim. It was the ’70’s and she took me to an infant “immersion” class – the type where parents leave their infants unattended in a pool until their babies learn, through their desperate need to survive, how to swim on their own. The story goes that, after being tossed into the pool, I bobbed to the surface, swam to the step, cried for a few minutes, and then shoved off for another swing around the pool. As crazy as it sounds, nothing has prepared me better for the Good Foot Project. I believe (for better or worse!) that I can toss my entire self into things I know nothing about and somehow figure it all out before I drown.

In April 2013, we left everything – our house, our friends, our lifestyle – in order to learn how to build and run a fully sustainable, organic retreat center. The Good Foot Project chronicles our journey as we learned and worked with people who are already growing healthy, organic food. Not only did I learn first-hand about organic farming, animal husbandry and sustainability, I reconnected to Life and brought my daily activities into sync with my values and consciousness about our planet.


I went to college in Philadelphia at the University of Pennsylvania, the Daytona Beach of the Ivy League. I’m almost sure I enjoyed it. As an undergraduate at the Wharton School of Business, I did learn how to do amazing things with Excel spreadsheets. (JC, my husband, was highly amused with the six-page one I created for our wedding.)

For the next 18 years, I worked in the entertainment industry, I produced some very cool projects – commercials, films, apps, documentaries, visuals shows and brand activations .

In 2006, American Blackout, the first documentary I ever produced premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and won the Special Jury Prize. The film is a controversial investigation into systematic voter disenfranchisement and the silencing of political dissent in America. I’m proud to say that our film has been used by dozens of political activists and civil rights organizations to help promote civic engagement around the country.

My latest assignment was the closest I had ever come to working an entertainment job and having a personal life. I produced experience visuals and video installations for brands, touring artists and nightlife venues. I made a good living, I actually liked the people I worked with and I was home most every night for dinner too! During my tenure, we won awards and praise from the press; we produced digital art for top-rated television shows and nearly every major music festival in the US. Many people thought me crazy for leaving that job. I guess it just depends on how you define “crazy”.


Us_Ometepe_cropped_medI love good food and cooking is highly therapeutic for me, so, you’ll see loads of stuff about food on the blog.

I love learning new things about myself. I used to think that I needed to achieve something Big and Important. Now I just want to do things that are good and sustainable.

I love that I can say, ‘I have no idea what I’m doing and I’m scared’, and be OK with it. A dear friend once told me, “I’m looking forward to the real me who will emerge when I no longer sprint through life.” Exactly! I can’t wait for that ‘How do you do?’

I love my partner, JC. He’s constantly challenging me to be more true, more free and more present. Which, to be honest, is kind of a pain in the ass, but nothing truly exceptional is easy, right?

That’s more than enough about me. I’d love to hear from you.  Feel free to email me at: anastasia (at) goodfootproject dot com or leave comments on the blog posts!

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