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DSC02819The closer we get to our departure date, the deeper I question “what drives me to make this sort of change?” Oh sure, six months ago, still in the abstract, it sounded like a great idea, but the realities of selling off all our unneeded stuff, determining what must (and can) come with us and packing the rest into storage – well, it is a little daunting. How could I possibly know what I may need in June on a farm in Kentucky? Or in October in Missouri? There is one truth – I can’t bring everything I want.

And more ominous still, there is real sadness in leaving – I sense the impending gloom, even now, every time I say good night or goodbye to a close friend. That sadness is, I am thankful, a testament to the friendship that we share.

What has been helpful is knowing that this is the beginning of one big-ass adventure and that this expedition will expose me to lifestyles that make good, healthy sense to me, but which I have never lived. And that is the point of the trip – to train to live life from the ground up, as it were. I have no doubt that learning to treat our world more reverently will change the way we treat ourselves and others – this article from Maddy Harland at Permaculture Magazine explains it well:

What can start as a journey towards living a more ecologically balanced lifestyle can go far deeper, even transforming our worldview and radically altering behavior. This is the inspirational nature of permaculture, it is a means of connecting each of us more deeply to nature’s patterns and wisdom and of practically applying that understanding in our daily lives.

The discipline of permaculture design is based on observing what makes natural systems endure…Permaculture is essentially about creating beneficial relationships between individual elements and making sure energy is captured in, rather than lost from, a system.

That sounds right to me: natural systems endure and energy is captured…rather than lost. So, we’re off to find enduring systems that actually work on and for our behalf. Something that we will carry – and will carry us – through the rest of our lives. Something quite different and more fulfilling than the “Daily Grind”, the “9 to 5”, the “Hamster Wheel” or the “Rat Race”.

I’ll keep you posted on our progress (pun intended). Be well.

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JC Jaress has been looking for something his entire life and he's pretty sure it's been looking for him as well. Whether they find each other is not nearly important as the little dance they're doing.

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