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IMGP2210I recognize there are a whole mess of people out there that are up for the idea of living a sustainable lifestyle but they have no idea where to start. And,  understandably, they simply cannot hit the road to do the research and get some hands-on experience in the principles of permaculture, organic farming and sustainable practices.

Lucky you – that’s why Good Foot Project exists! Soon, we will be in the trenches and on the farms, sending you pics and videos of the what and how and why of growing and living a more sustainable lifestyle. In fact, just this weekend we confirmed 18-weeks of farm-stays at nine different farms, training centers and homesteads in New Mexico, Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri, Vermont and Massachusetts!

We’re working on a mapping program so you can follow our route and drop in and virtually visit all of the stops we make. But for now, here’s an excerpt from a great article from Permaculture Magazine describing what you can do today to begin growing your sustainable future:

So what do we have to do to make it work? Basically, the answer is: “Just do it!” Use whatever space is available and get producing. Involve the kids – and their friends. Make contact with neighbours and start to barter. Review your material needs and reduce consumption. Share your home – by bringing a family member back or taking in a lodger…Pay off your debts. Work from home.

And above all, retrofit your home for your own sustainable future, not for speculative monetary gain…self-reliance represents real opportunities for early adopters of a permaculture lifestyle…

by David Holmgren

So, there you have it – just do it .

Start small and simply by reducing consumption. Skip the grocery stores and find a farmers market. Support farms and people who grow locally and organically. If you can, grow some food. Plant some seeds. Plant fruit trees if you have the space. And, most importantly, engage your kids in the process – they are our hope for real change.

Be well, talk soon.

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